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  • What’s the progress and what’s the plan?

    We’re now at the stage of alpha. Main functionality is realized and is being tested now along with the improvement of current features and development of the new ones. You can take a look at the game play video of our first playable.
    Learn more about the progress right here.

  • What the SKIES team is doing now

    Well, a huge amount of work is already done! And now our guys are working hard to create the game world full of adventures, tasks and interactions. Goods exchange, trading, quests, roles and economic systems, group and individual fights, two cities Kimari and Сrater with surrounding territories are ready and you’ll be able to see them with your own eyes and test themt out in the soon coming beta release.
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  • Our Team

    Of course this game couldn’t be created without devoted members of our team coming from Lugansk, a town on the south east of Ukraine. Guys were really inspired to work on such a challenging and complicated project. From the first days they did their best to immerse deeply in the atmosphere of post apocalypse and looked for inspiration in different ways: they watched films, read books and even made trips to places that had signs of post apocalyptical romanticism. Nobody of them could even imagine that events similar to those described in the book could happen in reality – when the war in Lugansk started they had to move away to Kiev.

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  • Why post-apocalypse?

    This genre became especially popular after the World War II, when the chances of humans’ annihilation by the nuclear weapon reached people’s consciousness. Certain segment of authors, artists and game developers still choose this genre for their works. Post-apoclyptic problem hasn’t left us indifferent as well. It’s not a surprise that besides nuclear weapon, humanity has also contributed to lots of other global problems, which might lead all of us to the brink of extinction one day… But, neither us not other creators develop their post-apocalyptic works just to remind everyone once again that we’ll die one day. Everyone has their own much deeper reasons and inspirations.
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  • In the beginning there was a book…

    The game is based on the book “Skies”, written by our smart team member Anton Paramonov. Several years ago he decided to enter a story contest and it was how this interesting journey started. In a year the book was finished and ready to make its mark in history. And so it happened.
    Learn more in this article.

  • The SKIES – New captivating MMORPG!

    This game is not really a MMORPG in the proper sense of the word. In our innovative project story line isn’t linear, it’s up to a player to create own game reality and decide on proper role in it, which makes our game open both to social players and to single ones. The main rule is pretty simple: each action leads to changes in different spheres of the game world: characters’ relations, events, etc. While a player is deeply immersed in the game world and is trying to find his/her place there, other players constantly change it with their actions. There’re wars of clans, cities can be seized or liberated, the resources’ production and improvement of economic conditions completely depend on players. The most challenging thing that we’re working on is to create a self-developing world where people manage economy. And we’ll do this.

    Game world is really huge and full of mystery places (post-apocalyptic atmosphere won’t leave cold anybody). On the east, north and south we have a vast desert, on the west – a mountain pass. There’re two rival cities that are governed by their own leaders and smaller cities try to join them to survive. According to the legend, there’s a city on the east called “Skies” where people will find the rescue of mankind… But how can they do it?!