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  • Now also on Steam

    Steam has met The SKIES with lots of great and positive feedback! And it was so inspiring! Check out our page: We will appreciate your support and feedback! From now we will be posting regular video updates about the development progress and life of the team to show you that we’re working hard in order to create really great product that deserves all of your encouraging positive wishes! Thank  you for your votes! Stay with us :)

  • The SKIES is coming…

    Old Anton Paramonov knows for sure what will happen with the Mankind in the future! :) Because he is from the future himself! Watch this fun video!


  • OnRPG about The SKIES

    OnRPG has just announced launch of The SKIES on Kickstarter! You can read their article here. Exciting day, right? :)

  • Kickstarter Video

    Look! Here is our Kickstarter video on YouTube.
     It was fun to shoot and we did our best to create it. From now on we’ll be publishing series of videos about the life of our team, fun moments, game progress, etc. :) We’re sure you’ll enjoy them. The next video will appear on our youtube channel tomorrow! Stay tuned!
  • Kickstarter, meet The SKIES!

    Hey guys! We’re happy to announce that we have just launched a long-awaited Kickstarter campaign for our MMORPG SKIES. For us running a crowdfunding campaign is not only a chance to collect the funds necessary for the further development of the project, but also the possibility to receive maximum feedback on our game world. And we will be very grateful, friends, if you support us. What makes us different from many participants is that we already have a working alpha version and right after the end of Kickstarter campaign we will be providing the access to some functionality for our bakers! So, you have all chances to be the first who will see this really outstanding game world and whose feedback will be appreciated and considered by our developers. Here it starts…  Visit our Kickstarter page  and follow us on our social pages:




  • Community, we need your help!

    Yes, we have a plan, a detailed game design document and everything required for the smooth game development process. However, have you ever met the game that would be created without any change during the process? Being game developers, we can tell you for sure that this is impossible.

    During the development process, every day we face many questions to resolve. The game world is huge with lots of dependencies and connections, so from time to time we get overwhelmed with arguments and discussions, trying to find the most suitable decision. But we’re making the game not only to realize our ambitions, we’re making it for you, the SKIES community, and we want you to feel not just comfortable but deeply engaged with the game world we’re creating. That is why your reactions and opinions are extremely important for us. Feel free to get acquainted with the game world and major features of the game here. Ask questions and tell your opinion on what you see here and what makes interest to you!