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Quest system

Designing the project we had the task – to make a non-linear plot and a flexible system of tasks and missions. The player can choose for himself where to go, whom to help and whom not to help. Reward and attitude of other characters to him could directly depend on his action, what also affects other tasks or prices for services, goods. Tasks should give a player the unique feeling that he is a part of the world and make him to travel in search of necessary characters and objects to other cities.
In MMO we can’t simply move the unique tasks as we do in games with a non-linear storyline, it’s very difficult. Our players can hinder other players to perform tasks. Therefore, we developed a system which divides the subtasks to the world (when it’s performed in the world with other players) and local (where we create a separate location for performing an action. For example, to beat a character). There are individual and group tasks. And each of them will be either cyclic or nonrecurring.