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Initially, the project intended to be a MMORPG from the 3rd person with the capture of targets to attack, and there was a fundamentally different implementation of the system of fight, graphics, and balance. This system allows to play a character to the maximum and reminds players about flexible role system. However during development process and studying of the market, there appeared an idea of adding a view from the 1st person. During longtime discussions developers decided not to take into consideration possible difficulties and realize this idea.
Despite the fact that the team had to remake the graphics in higher detalization and change the system of fight with balance, a successful prototype was received and was taken into further development. Now a switching between 1st and 3rd person is implemented already but without changing of a fight system. FPS fight system can be combined with the RPG system and get a flexible system that depends on the role system of a character and skills of the player. In such a way in the game world we get characters with different roles what allows us to create flexible teams with players of different orientations and to make tactical moves in battle.