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Dialogue system

In RPG games it’s really interesting to see dialogues that depend on players’ genders and their parameters. Our developers have set a goal to create such dialogue system in the game. A character’s story, gender, skills and IQ – it will be all taken into account, as all these parameters highly influence a dialogue system and help making the world richer and more real. If a character’s IQ is high, he/she can get more useful information or receive a challenging task. If he/she has good medical skills, he/she can heal a wounded character and won’t need to search for help. If he/she is really good at repair works, he/she can do tasks in repair-shop and help a mechanic. Dialogues must change as the game progresses, depending on characters’ actions and the course of the game. It’s a real pleasure to realize that you can change the world, characters’ lives and their relations. To implement all this, developers will do their best to make characters’ parameters, their actions and dialogue schemes intersect.