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Why we are able to complete this project?

Some people write that it’s a yet another Fallout online, another effort to create a hit. And it looks like this when ambitious project is announced by unknown company. To record a video and say that we can make a strong world-class project is like to sell air we breathe. But we want to tell why we have started this project and what way we work up to it. We don’t do anything that we can’t imagine in reality. Gaming industry is hard and ruthless and we asked ourselves- why not to release a cool, ambitious project? Each year, indie companies and young teams bring out some great projects. And they do it because they believe in themselves and know where they are going to, and they know that they can do this project. Minecraft, Cossacks, Fallout finally – all these projects shook game industry, and anyone who believes in himself, who smiles to every new day, who defeats his fears and doubts can do the same.
The SKIES was thought over not by amateurs who call themselves game designers, who under the slogan “I assemble a team and become a director” spit saliva on the forums. The team worked up a long way to this project, and marched confidently towards this dream. Our guys released a lot of projects, they have a deep understanding of gaming industry and realisation of server-client solutions, graphic optimization of artistry.
This project gathered together professionals who want to turn into reality their idea.
This project will be completed. Soon, everyone will be able to try to find his SKIES.