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Why post-apocalypse?


This genre has become especially popular after the World War II, when the chances of humans’ annihilation by nuclear weapon had reached people’s consciousness. Certain segment of authors, artists and game developers choose this genre for their works even nowadays. Post-apoclyptic problem hasn’t left us indifferent as well. It’s not a surprise that besides nuclear weapon, humanity has also contributed to lots of other global problems, which might lead all of us to the brink of extinction one day… But, neither us not other creators develop their post-apocalyptic works just to remind everyone that we’ll die one day. Everyone has their own much deeper reasons and inspirations.

Since we’re creating the game based on the literal basis – the SKIES book, written by our game designer, we’ve been curious to see what inspired him to create this post-apocalyptic world both on paper and as the game world manuscript. And here is what we’ve found.

Post-apocalyptic life and conditions how we see them reveal people’s nature as it is and provides the background for writing the naked truth, sincere life stories. In such conditions people become real. While everything around changes dramatically, human beings stay as they are, with their own dreams and expectations, weaknesses and fears, temptations and sins. What makes The SKIES different is that it not only brings to our consciousness all the ugliness of post-apocalyptic tragedy or the science-fiction events, creatures, governments, weapons etc. as in most of the science-fiction stories which are still great on their own. In The SKIES the author places the emphasize on the people, their unique storylines, relationships, feelings, dreams, goals they are trying to achieve, their life paths, believes on the background of post-apocalyptic tragedy, ruins, wars, robbery, battles for the power, thus, finding the place to romanticism in this genre.
The MMORPG, thus, reflects this idea and atmosphere as well, both in the beautiful 3d art and animations of desert cities and in the self-developing game world with a complicated multi-level economic system which entirely depends on players’ actions, expanded interesting dialogues based on the game role system and non-linear storyline, combats, cities capturing, trading, clan wars and ability to choose your own place in this huge living world.