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The weapon and armour production


In our game production works as four-levels system:

1. Resources – basic elements for production. They are extracted by players or produced at special resource points such as mines, pits, farms, etc. Various combinations of basic elements are used to produce elements of the second level.
2. Materials – the second stage of production. Players can find materials in certain places, they can also be produced from resources in special workshops.
3. Weapon, armor, medicine, food, shells, etc. These are objects of the third level, obtained by use of materials. They can be produced at special factories. They are the final products, which a player gets.
4. Improvements for weapons influence their parameters. Weapon can be improved in special workshops. Production system allows players to control the world economy. You’ll find more about that in an article about the economy. Each player can produce elements of any level. Production is influenced by several parameters of the role system, which can be developed by a player in order to achieve better results.

Weapon has up to 5 slots for improvement and each type of weapon has its own improvements. Players can modify their weapons by themselves or in workshops. These improvements add new modes of fire and pointing, they also extend the range of weapon’s functions, such as damage, reloading, pointing accuracy and so on.

Both armor and weapon are produced from the standard materials, but to produce unique items you’ll need additional materials, which you’ll have to find. We don’t want to apply the sandbox principle in production like in similar games of the genre. We strive to make this scheme more user-friendly and also engage offline users in production system – so that a player can go to bed and be sure that in the morning his character will earn money at the factory and new weapon or resources will appear at the market.