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The SKIES Community, we need your help!


Yes, we have a plan, a detailed game design document and everything required for the smooth game development process. However, have you ever met the game that was created without any change during the process? Being game developers, we can tell you for sure that this is impossible.

During the development process, every day we face many questions we need to resolve. The game world is huge with lots of dependencies and connections, so from time to time we get overwhelmed with arguments and discussions, trying to find the most suitable decision.

But, we’re making the game not only to realize our ambitions, we’re making it for you, the SKIES community, and we want you to feel not just comfortable but deeply engaged with the game world we’re creating. That is why your reactions and opinions are extremely important for us. Feel free to get acquainted with the game world: www…….. , and major features of the game here: www…… ask questions and tell your opinion on what you see here and what makes interest to you. We’re always happy to know what you think and which features you anticipate. Together we can create the great game!