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The Path of Indie Developers…


“The Skies”… Ambitious project, small indie team, limited time… Unbroken spirit and strong aspiration for bringing this world the game that will make the difference in the industry and win the hearts of players.

If someone would ask us what Indie Developer’s Path is we’d say that it’s an every-day battle. :) “The Skies” has started almost 2 years ago and during this time we’ve been struggling with so many things: from the first distrust to us as the new team with ambitious plans to limiting our resources and speeding-up all the development milestones trying to achieve impossible: create unique MMORPG with lots of great opportunities for the players for twice shorter period of time than it typically takes for the teams twice bigger than ours.

Wonder how it is going? Good. We’re alive and no less brave and ambitious… well, may be we just don’t look that fresh as at start… :)
What to expect?
Already this winter, 2016, we’re going to roll out alpha early access on Steam for everyone to taste the game world with the basic features.
What are our further plans?
Keep struggling and finish this game. :) By the way, at the moment we’re taking part in the contest here: by voting for us and helping to win ad package that would be a huge help for us, indie developers and our upcoming launch on Steam!

Stay tuned. “The Skies” is coming…