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It becomes a stereotype that Free to Play means rough monetization in a game, which makes the paying audience dominating. Of course, if we take into consideration modern MMO, we can see that paid units, clothes, weapons give players a lot of advantages. If a paying player donates, a player who doesn’t spend money has no chances to win. However, this system has been polished and modified for many years and now there’re some good solutions. So if you use stupid pressing monetization, you create the game not for people but in waste. Dota 2 by Valve is a good example of the interesting monetization when developers made it possible for players to compete thanks to their experience and skills; monetization is just an option, a decoration.
Being players too, developers of The SKIES have always hated modern Free to play with its terrible donation and have tried to create a rather moderate and light monetization. We think that by combining FPS with the role system we made it possible for players to compete thanks to their level of experience. Monetization provides some minor weapons modifications, which you can also add on your own by finding necessary details and improving your production skills. Some other monetization options are:
1. Weapons improvement;
2. Improvement of your passive skills that can also be improved while playing;
3. Limited in-game currency purchases;
4. Premium account that allows you to get more experience while fighting and provides an opportunity to create your clan;
5. Personalization of armors and weapons – decorations and choice of the color;
6. Purchase of weapons and patrons on the black market is limited like the purchase of the in-game currency. There are just several offers and you can’t buy more;
7. Extended set of haircuts, textures;
8. Reset of the player’s paramaters;
9. Participation in arena combats with bidding;
10. Rental payment for the territory that you can use to build your house or your business;
11. Purchasе of cool transport;
12. Clan’s base building;
13. Hiring helpers;
14. Gifts.