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Ready for a fight on the desert land?


Every weapon in The SKIES is not just a weapon. That’s something that has its own story and mood. It’s time to learn some more about the throwing weapons, rifles and cold arms  now. Let’s see which one will become your faithful companion in the post-apocalyptic desert world of The SKIES:

Cold ArmsClub. There is no better face surgeon than batt of a soldier.
Stick. The dogs are afraid of a stick for a reason, it can smash a head.
Spiked club. A handmade morning star will find a soft spot even in armor.
Knife. An irreplacable thing in the desert and life. It won’t dampen, wedge up, and will help in cooking.


Termal Grenade & Smoke Grenade & Pine Grenade

Termal grenade. You’re not afraid of fire untill you meet this grenade.

Smoke grenade. Do you want to be invisible as a wanderer? There is a way.

Pine grenade. Chills down any attack and covers the back at all times.

метатНож-сюрикен (1)


Throwing knife. Every boy is taught how to use this weapon from his childhood.

Shuriken. Eastern exotics is it the desert now.



Molotov Coctail


Molotov cocktail. This drink is worth sharing with the enemies.



Stone & Brick


Stone. Won’t kill you, but will leave bruises.
Brick. Doesn’t fly too far, but does it steadily.



Impulse and Stun Grenades


Impulse grenade. Does someone need a push? Does someone need an impulse?
Bash grenade. A blind enemy is a dead enemy.




Grenade. WIll stink out an enemy from any cover.
Impact stun grenade. Known as “Handsome” – stuns from the first time.





Pioneers cry “the weapon of our youth” while shooting at the bottles at the next start.






Traveller. When a person is called a “travaller”, many shudder at the memory of this dangerous weapon.



Remington 870


Old doesn’t mean uneffective. Loss of iron ore is still pounding all the way round.






Do you want to reach the crowd? Take a megaphone.