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Non-linear dialogue system


Non-linear dialogues is something every player would dream about. But is it possible? Yes it is.

It is always interesting and surprising in RPG games to see the dialogues where the phrases depend on the gender and skills of the character. Such dialogues require deep working through, but they are worth doing it. The dialogues need to change throughout the game and depend on the character’s actions. It’s nice to know that you’re changing the world around you, the attitudes of characters and their lives. While developing the dialogue systems we need to think through character’s history as well as their relationship with one another. Different options are possible depending on your character’s skills and gender. It is very important for the depth of the world to use intelligence parameter of a certain character while creating phrases for them. If a character is stupid, he will use simple phrases. When they become smarter, the dialogues change. And when he becomes an specialist in some area, new quest options appear. Most modern games really lack such approach. All of this will be realised by Skies developers in our new project. Be prepared, an exciting adventure awaits you.