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Crucial changes… They happen


At first a project idea was MMORPG played from the third person with target detection for attack. This system and camera allowed to decide a question of resources and quality. For distant camera we didn’t need precise detalization of objects and textures what was convenient for small team. The same is true for the fight system- attack of detected target and attack come down to the fact that all calculations were made on server and result was returned to client part where players could see each other damages. Then the idea to make a free fight mode was introduced without camera change. As a result fight system became more complex and demanded a detailed checkout of hit of a player by another player and defence from hacking.
This system allowed to play a character as much as possible and to remind players about flexible role systems and at the same time attain dynamic fight. However idea of adding a view from 1st person appeared during development process and market research. This idea came recently and during long discussions developers decided to realize it against all problems.
Despite the fact that our team had to change graphics to make it more sophisticated, and to balance the fight system, developers managed to create a really good prototype to use in future. Now the fight system is preserved even when we switch from the 1st person perspective to that of the third person. FPS fight system is combined with RPG system – such flexible system depends on character’s role system and his/her abilities. All together it helps to create different roles for characters in the game world, which allows to form flexible teams with different players and making strategic moves in fights.