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Complicated Role System


For balance of players and classification of their roles we developed our own role system on the basis of several successful and familiar role systems. There 6 basic features: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Endurance, Luck and Technology. Each of them is responsible for parameters of the character and also for his active skills and abilities. Each parameter has 3 active skills, which a player can upgrade getting experience. Active parameters influence the effectiveness of players action, usage of different items, weapons, clothes, skills. For example, the use of cold or light weapons, heavy armor, skills of camouflage or survival in the desert, when the player can produce more meat from wild fowl. When a player has a high Oratory skill, he gets new abilities in dialogues where he can persuade opponent. On low levels, if a player can’t use light weapon properly, he will have difficulties in shooting enemy because of wide dispersion

Abilities that depend on the major parameters also give the player various bonuses, such as new modes of using the weapon, which impact the character. However, the player receives such abilities not often, so it is necessary to consider which parameters of the character you should better develop. Passive abilities are improved with the repeated actions. They define how quickly the character can cope with the tasks such as production of something or repairing. When creating the role system we took into consideration the creation of multi-directional characters in order to raise the interest and provide complicated combinations in the team game. A character can also receive various injuries, bleedings, fractures which impact his game parameters too. Besides, the role system also takes into account the chances of getting injuries depending on the current character’s parameters.