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And now a bit of the background :)


The game is based on the book “Skies”, written by our smart team member Anton Paramonov. Several years ago he decided to enter a story contest and it was how this interesting journey started. In a year the book was finished and ready to make its mark in history. And so it happened. Anton met another Anton (a chief of Eforb company you’ve already heard about) and they decided to give life to this new challenging project.

In the beginning of the 21st century sun activity increases drastically. Just in two weeks people remain deprived of all blessings of civilization – cities are left without electricity, factories stop working, streets are buried in chaos and shambles. People start dying because of natural disasters, high temperature, fires and diseases. Huge masses of ash cover the sky. Rains are toxic, water-purifying systems are broken, lack of food and clear water brings human civilization to the brink of extinction… Game period starts in 2150-2170. Some people have survived this terrible catastrophe hiding in shelters with air-purifying filters. Ash begins to settle on the surface of the planet and the sun has finally come out after 150 years of complete darkness.