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A little bit about game atmosphere…


Game atmosphere is one of the key factors. If anyone would ask me what atmosphere we’re trying to create, I would refer to the book “The SKIES”:

“Desert… This word puts many in fear, reminds of emptiness and hunger, gives birth to anxiety. Any person is free in a desert but at the same time it rejects the person’s freedom as such. Who is not afraid of being left alone in a desert? Who is not afraid of standing in the middle of a burnt prairie and smiling to the wind that carries sands? For a wanderer desert means life – the life that he lives and protects. Freedom of thought and action makes you real and you don’t have to hide your real self anymore. You are here, you are now and you don’t care what others think of you. You must survive and take every opportunity to do that…”
“Desert is like school: at first it teaches you elementary things without which you won’t be able to live. Then you start helping it, give it a chance to feel protected and not so lonely. And it is grateful to you, it gives you signs which help you not to lose your way, not to get into a trap. Desert is as lonely as any wanderer roving in it is. But if you can communicate with it, if you want to become a part of it, then you become its guest and it makes you feel comfortable.”

It is really great that we are working on the game having a book as a solig background… It gives understanding every designer, 3d modeler and animator what atmosphere should be like in the game. Can you imagine now how long was the way of the team to this project? Around 5 years ago was written the book… :) 1 year ago the team has gathered to bring this literal world into the game… and it took several months to finish the GDD and think over everything to every tiny detail… :) Excited? So we are! Let’s see what its going to turn into!